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At the border between XX and XI centuries appeared an increasing number of articles, books and scientific events, etc. of a new interdisciplinary scientific field called Econophysics. This new science is dealing with modelling various economic phenomena and processes using concepts of theoretical and applied physics especially of the statistical physics, thermodynamics, electromagnetism etc.

Also in recent years emerged a new direction to approach and study the economic processes based on new technologies and discoveries especially in the field of information technology, automated production, new technologies etc., known as New Economy.
This Journal is intended for publishing reports, theoretical and applied articles referring to the themes of the of the two scientific directions above, i.e. the Econophysics and the New Economy.

In the Journal are published both the papers of the Romanian and foreign researchers. Many of these papers (the most representative) are taken from the papers presented to Econophysics, New Economy and Complexity International Conferences – ENEC which are organized every year by the Hyperion University from Bucharest and by Hyperion Research and Development Institute from Bucharest – Romania.

Hyperion International Journal of Econophysics and New Economy is an online Journal divided by the numbers and volumes, each volume having two issues. The volumes are published online with a frequency of two volumes per year, each volume containing papers presented in the two sections: Econophysics and New Economy.

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